Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jenn Goes Skydiving

We did it! Elena, April and I jumped out of an airplane today - I am still screaming, "Woooo Hoooo!" This was one of the most intense, insane and freeing experiences of my life! If you have ever thought about trying it, I highly recommend just going for it.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Date 21...

...was with a guy I've hung out with in my circle of friends. I've never been on a date with him though, just hung out as friends. I'll call him...Mr. Sagittarius. Reason..because he's a Sagittarius. I'm a Cancer, and according to the whole Zodiac sign chart, we're not supposed to be a good match. Ok, I'm rambling. We went out for a lunch date. He picked me up, opened the car door (I like when guys do that), and we headed to a place called Taurus for lunch. We kind of caught up because I haven't seen him out in awhile. I learned more about where he was from, we debated the whole Zodiac sign thing, and had some really good food. Very nice guy! I'm digging on the nice guys. I guess I'm finally tired of chasing the "bad boys." But I had a great time and got to try a new restaurant out. =)

In front of a painting in the restaurant:

Date 20...

...was a lunch date with a friend of a friend. He was older than what I had set as my parameters, but it ended up being a fun lunch date! He kind of looked like Johnny Knoxville (I don't think the picture shows it because it's goofy, but there are some similarities). We went to to a bar type place for lunch, which was chill. He made me laugh the entire time! Very quick witted! I don't think you can have a bad date if you're laughing the whole time, right? But that was the just of the date...he brought me back to work and that was that.

Us being goofs in the parking lot:

Date 19...

...was with a guy I met out at Club Dreamz, when I was doing a broadcast. Just kind of made eye-contact that night and got his number. Three weeks later, we're on a date. We went to Aquaknox for dinner...I think he was nervous at first, but then got more comfortable as the night went on. I don't think he was "himself" in the beginning. But dinner was awesome, got into good conversation on where we were from, about out families, etc. I don't know if there was any chemistry or not, but he was very nice! Would definitely recommend him for the ladies of Atlanta as well.

Car picture OLE!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Date 18...

...was with a guy I went on a couple of dates with before I met my ex. I'm going to nickname him "Ernest!" haha...we ended up going bowling at 300 Atlanta, which was a blast! I gave him the name Ernest on the big score screen and I was Elma for the night! I won the first game, and he won the last two (even though the third game he only beat me by a point and I came from behind! haha..making excuses for losing!) We ate pizza and had a couple of drinks which made it a typical "bowling" night out. After that, we met up with some mutual friends at Bluefin (a sushi place off Peachtree). Hung out there for a bit and picked up and went to Beluga, off of Piedmont, I think. Again, just hung out with people we mutually knew and had a great time. We both agreed with each other that we will be good friends, since we lost contact during my relationship. I'm not sure I felt anything more than friendship, but it was a great night nonetheless! =)

Me with Ernest (the bowling league champ!):

Monday, June 16, 2008

Date 17!!!!!!!!!! With Mr. Jack!

Ok...so let me tell you I was sooo nervous before he picked me up! I stayed busy the whole day. I hung out with my mom all day...she helped me move to my new apartment, and we did some shopping at H & M in Atlanta. And then I took at nap until I absolutely had to get up and get ready. Jack picked me up around 7:45ish...we headed over to this restaurant called Parish for some dinner. We had a couple of glasses of wine, and I felt like I could finally just come out of my shell. We had great conversation and I thought we had a lot in common. The food was amazing! We both had the redfish which was YUM! We stayed and chatted a bit after we were done eating, which was cool. He texted a bud after dinner and we headed over to Opera. (He opened the car door for me which was nice!) Opera was so much fun! I knew one of his friends, which was cool...made it more comfortable. Met a lot of people while I was there. Me and Jack had a couple more drinks...he drank some whiskey and I had some delicious Vodka Redbulls. Some Jager Bombs were even distributed =) We danced, just had a great night! Just couldn't read him to see if he was interested, but I guess that's what dating is all about. Definitely recommend him for girls in Atlanta to date. Just all around nice guy with a good heart, who happens to be really good looking.

Date 14-16...

Date 14 was a lunch date...which I thought would be just chill. The guy gave me flowers, which was really sweet. But, the conversation was kind of awkward. I was a little uncomfortable. It was a quick lunch though...ate...and said our goodbyes. Not even 5 mins after leaving, I get a text saying 'thanks for picking him...he hoped that he could see me again soon.' That was ok...but a couple hours later I get another text asking 'if I wanted to hang out later that night and keep it low key and watch a movie.' And that's when it got awkward. I dunno. I spent maybe 35 mins on the date and to be asked to hang out that night was kind of uncomfortable. I don't want this blog to sound mean, just being honest.

Date 15 and 16...

...one was at Hooters, since I was judging a bikini contest there. Pretty chill...ate some fried pickles, YUM!! Watched girls in bikinis, a guys fantasy date haha. But no real chemistry besides being friends. (And yes, I think everyone knows this guy from the clubs...he's fun!) =)

Me with my Hooters date:

Date 16...was also with a guy I already knew. Went to Moe's after work, had good conversation. But he is just out of a relationship and still has feelings for the other girl, so I don't think I wouldve had a shot even if I had any sort of connection. But it was still fun! =)

(I had to post this fast so I could get Mr. Sawyer posted, but I will upload the rest of the pictures before I get out of here today!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Date 13...

...was with "Prince Charming." Haha..I think one of the first texts I got from this guy said 'get ready to meet the man of your dreams." I thought that was cute. I ended up having a really good time with this guy. Went up to Atkins Park in Cumming because he lives on the Lake. Ordered me a Jager Bomb from the get go, which was impressive. Had some delicious food and great conversation. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. Both have the same sarcasm and some of the conversation was pretty heavy for the first date, but I think it worked. He was definitely a fun guy!! Laughed the ENTIRE TIME!

Group Hug! Haha:


Date 12...

...so I apologize for not having new info up in a timely manner, but I'm exhausted! haha...anyways...date 12 was an e-mailed one. I'll call him Penny Loafer because I remember him telling a story about them =p We ended up at Twisted Taco, one of my favorite places ever! Had a couple of drinks...I ate some queso...we talked. And I ran into an ex boyfriend...one from 3 years ago, which was ironic. It was kind of uncomfortable, but Monday Trivia saved the day. Played that for a couple of rounds...go Team Pannus! Haha..that was our team name. I was exhausted, so left at the beginning of Round 3. He was nice guy, just don't know if he was my type. But I would recommend him out there for the ladies of Atlanta. =)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dates 9 through 11...

Date 9...

...were in grand ole L.A! I had to keep it consecutive right? So ended up getting there at 11:30 on Friday night and my date was already there (calling him Spencer). Spencer is an old friend I used to have a thing for. Never did anything before and I haven't seen him for 2 years. We ended up going to the hotel bar (Beverly Wilshire bar was amazing!) People watching was fun! He bought me a couple of drinks, including the good ole Jager Bomb! YUM! It was a chance to catch up. The conversation was like we had just seen each other the day before...it was weird...just comfortable. We goofed off, took fun pictures. But I only got the friend vibe on my part. He did try to smooch me, but I didn't let it happen.

(Pic pending...haha waiting on a friend to send it...so check back soon =p)

Date 10...

...was with "Brenden." Brenden is the guy from the TBS show My Boys. Super hottie, and Brenden is his character name. We had sort of a speed date. We were at the Dodgers game and I took him and told him he was my date for the next 30 mins! =p Surprisingly, we had great conversation. I don't think there was a real awkward moment while we were talking, it was always back and forth. He does live in L.A. though, which would make it hard to obviously go on another date. But if you are ever in California, I would recommend him to date. He's nice, good looking, and can carry a conversation well.

This was us at "Crowley's" (which is the bar in the TV series):

Date 11...

...was with another actor from My Boys. I had my eye on this one all day. He was at the Dodgers game too, but never got a chance to cross paths. I'm calling him "Hottie" because I can't think of a better name for him. That night, we were all at a poker party. Still noticed him from across the room. I was playing Blackjack for most of the night. Well, I saw my opportunity. He was sitting at the Texas Hold 'Em table. There was one opening so I grabbed the seat, made eye contact and introduced myself. I told him about 30 dates in 30 days and said I needed one more. He was game! I "bought" a drink...which was funny because it was an open bar. We got up to get a drink and my date from before was up there. "Hottie" told "Brenden" we were on a date and they wanted to see which one was going to be the best. haha..it was funny. We grabbed our drinks, went back over to the poker table and played a couple of rounds (while trying to have a conversation). "Hottie" wanted to continue the date at a table, so we went and got some dessert and sat down and just chatted some more. It was fun! He eventually got pulled away for some interviews. Boo haha. Near the end of the night, I needed a picture for the website, so I went grabbed one...gave him a hug and gave him this line: "You should take my number in case you're ever in Atlanta. I also take drunk dials." CHEESY, I know. But it worked. The hottness has my number! It makes me a little excited...he may never use it, but it was a great time!! The whole weekend was fab!

Me and "Hottie" known as "Bobby" on My Boys:

Date 8...

...was great! Sorry it has taken me a second to update this thing. Date 8 was with Braker Bob! He picked me up from the station and opened the car door for me. Inside was 2 little presents which I thought was so sweet! I didn't know they were for me at first. I'm a fan of the Bengals, so he got me a stuffed little Bengal tiger and a football in Bengals color which was very thoughtful. So we get in the car and take off up to Andretti (which is a Go-Karting place up in Roswell). We got lost, which was funny, but we did make it eventually. When we got there, it was off to the races. We did a round of karting and I think I came in first, right Bob? =p Haha...it was a blast! Then, we got some food in the restaurant they had there. It was a blast. Something outside the normal dinner and drinks. Great date!

Umm...I don't think I realized all the strapes were in my face!

We are posing by the car tire...tried to keep with the theme:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Date 7...

...was with "Super Crunch." I call him that because we went to a Oriental Express and that's a sushi roll hehe. This was the first date going in completely blind. The conversation was good, but I don't think there was a real attraction on my part, which I think is kind of important. But like I said, the conversation was good and the food was fantastic! I had a delicious Texas roll...shrimp tempura, lettuce and honey mustard! AMAZING combo! Mr. Crunch even called ahead saying it was my birthday and they came out and sang a song to me, haha! It was sweet. And the cake was yum! People even said Happy Birthday when I was leaving, which was hilarious! I just didn't feel any real chemistry with Super Crunch. But I appreciated the date! =)

Super Crunch and me:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6th Date...

...Was with rocker boy "Tommy Lee." I know..tattooed up...expecting a bar type place with motorcycles parked out front BUT the date was nothing like that. We met up right around Perimeter Mall and headed over to the W Hotel in that area. We walked there which was sweet and had a nice dinner and drinks...food was yum! Afterwards, ended up going to the Penthouse of the place he lived at...and just looked out over Atlanta. He had my favorite drinks ready, which was really nice and thoughtful. He planned ahead. And I like that. This is definitely a case where you can never judge a book by the cover. It was a great date!

Tommy Lee and me...tattoos were awesome:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Date 5...

...who I will call "Gentleman." I met him through a friend and I feel like this was the first legitimate date. Thought was put in for sure! So we decided on Meehan's and met up there. He brought me a single long-stemmed white rose, which was SOOOO sweet! I can't ever remember getting a flower on a date before. He held the door open for me and everything. (Chivalry hasn't died completely). We sit on the patio and have a fantastic dinner and conversation. I had a couple of glasses of wine...yum! He even ended up paying, which I definitely didn't expect. I had money ready and everything. So that was sweet. After dinner, we went and grabbed a couple of drinks at Taco Mac and just hung out some more. Great date! Tonight, I'm going out with "Tommy Lee!" He's A LOT different than these other guys and I think you may be shocked that I would be attracted to this type of guy...we'll see how it goes!

By the way, thank everyone who has commented! =)

He was shy to have his picture taken:

Blurry, but maybe the camera had some drinks too...hehe:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dates 2-4...

Man, who knew finding a date would be so stressful! Friday during the day, I had no idea who I was going to be going out with...nada...no clue. I'm still sifting through my e-mails too, so I haven't had a chance to respond to anyone there. So, I go to a co-worker and I'm like, 'do you have anyone that I can just go on a speed date with?' He mentions to me that there's a guy who's playing at Smith's Olde Bar that would not mind at all. (I will call this guy Jack Black). I'm like yay, hooray! Haha...so, I leave work, get ready and head up to Smith's. I get there...sit with the guy I already know, who proceeds to shout out to Jack Black that I'm his date...while he's playing! So Jack banters with me about us being on a date...we joke from a far and he finishes playing. He's actually pretty good. After he was finished, we went and grabbed a table so it would be like a legitimate date. We engaged in pretty good conversation (which I was sort of surprised about). He took my number and I left to go to Dreamz to do my Friday night ritual. So Friday=success!

Me with Jack Black below:

So, Saturday rolls around....And we all know that I've been hanging with volleyball players all week...blah blah...and "Spike" had been hanging out in the group. Very attractive...great body! =p Of course I want to take him on one of my little dates. We decide on the pool and Margaritas...soooo hot outside! So that meant I got to see him without a shirt! Yum! We did the pool for a couple of hours, chatted, laughed...threw x's over each other's head (inside joke)...and then headed to the AVP, where we watched some more volleyball and had a couple more drinks...ended the date with a hug (yeah, no smooch haha) and that was that.

Me and Spike...super tall! (Sorry, I forgot to get one without the shirt, but e-mail me if you want his Myspace page =p)

And then Sunday...there was Miami. I know that some of you guys have e-mailed saying he's a player and poser, but he's not that at all. He is so sweet and so fun to be around. Ok..so Miami had to leave Sunday, so I wanted to make sure I sqeezed in a date. I met him at the hotel he was staying at and we ended up walking to Hooters (yes, my idea...one of my favorite places). We sat and talked and laughed for a good hour and a half. We get along so well...I love his personality. After that, walk back to the hotel and just hung out/talked for another hour and he left for the airport. It was sad to see him him go...I think if he lived here, I would keep going on dates with him. Oh well. The Miami is cool =p

And...late Sunday...I did end up at Cuddles place =p