Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bert Answers Your Questions

Over the past few weeks I've received so many emails from you guys regarding an assortment of Q100 transactions. I thought I'd answer some of the more popular questions here with some side commentary:

Where did Jamie Massey Go?
Jamie left us to co-host on another morning show (see past blog entry). I won't spend a lot of time on this one 'cause you can scroll down and get a more lengthy response in a past blog entry. But to add Wendy Adams is doing our traffic now. She worked on Adam Bomb's Show for awhile. If she can handle the hours I think she's gonna eventually be one of the best. She's 22, a Kennesaw State student, busts her a$#@ and isn't afraid to be real on the radio. In the past year she's shed a lot of tears on the Bert Show over boy problems and her relationship with her dad.

Where did Dylan go?
For whatever reason Dylan's contract didn't get renewed by Cumulus. The truth is that these decisions are made way above my level. I do know that Dylan worked his $%# and was completely dedicated to making sure Q100 was running at its highest level. Not only was he our afternoon guy but he was the Program Director; my boss. It's one of the strongest working relationships I've ever had. Sometimes business sucks 'cause Dylan had a lot to with our success and it doesn't seem right that he can't be in the halls during our switch to the bigger signal at 99.7.

Where did Jeff Dauler go?
Just kidding. Jeff hasn't gone anywhere.

Is the station still going to be Q100
Yes. Everything is the same. Same Bert Show. Same radio station. Same radio station name. We're just moving to 99.7. Now you'll be able to hear us clearly all over Georgia. No more static. No more overlapping from that damn country station out of South Carolina.

You're still going to be called Q100 even though you're on 99?
Yes. And we're really going to need your help with this. When you tell friends about the Bert Show or Q100 PLEASE tell them we're at 99.7. My fear is that new listeners will tune into 100.5 looking for the Bert Show. Not find us then, naturally, scroll /scan up or to the right. We have to make sure we are directing them to 99.7. Management felt that the brand of Q100 was too strong to lose so they didn't go with anything like Q99 or Q99.7. Jeff and I pleaded with them to make it Q99.7. To their credit management listened to every word we had to say about it. But they decided to go with Q100. It's a good business debate actually. But, honestly, as an employee the only thing you can really ask for is to be heard. And they debated with us for hours on it. But they feel like we've done such a good job building the Q100 brand that it wouldn't be good business to change the name of the station.

99x is gone???? I hate you. I hate you. I hate you!
They are still a station!!!! You can find them at 99x.com. Now turn the car off and get out of the garage.

Will I be able to get you in Athens, now?
Yes. Here is the entire list of cities that can now receive Q100 clearly: http://allthehitsq100.com/bertshow/bertfeature.asp?id=13390. My only focus now is to be the most listened to morning show in Homer, Georgia!

Where is the station located now?
Same place. 780 Johnson Ferry Road.

What is the new phone number for Q100?
As of this writing I just don't know. I'll update this next week.

What's the big deal about having 100,000 watts?
I wrote a blog about this a few days ago. Scroll down.

What are they doing with 100.5?
I could tell you but my Chief Operating Officer, John Dickey, would hire a van to come to a come to a screetching halt in front of me while I'm in the station parking lot, throw me in the back, tie and gag me and you'd never hear from me ever again. You'll know on January 28th. There is a rumor going around that the new morning show will consist of Steve McCoy, Vikki Locke, Fred Toucher, Steve Barnes, Clark Howard, Southside Steve and Captain Herb Emory. Honestly, I don't see how Captain Herb can possibly part of this 'cause I know he's under contract.

Back to John Dickey. If the ratings don't go up significantly with this signal upgrade please have the police begin to investigate John Dickey first when I go missing. Here is a link to the man I believe will have me unwillingly relocated if The Bert Show is not successful: http://www.corporate-ir.net/ireye/ir_site.zhtml?ticker=CMLS&script=120&layout=-6&item_id=76435

Friday, January 25, 2008


I update JeffDauler.com from time to time, and then forget to tell you about it here.

So, go visit my site and see what's new ... including the 'Dolphin Dance' video and Nick Lachey's muffin.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bert Talks About Q100's Move

I'll warn you now that this is gonna be a little all over the place.

Let me give you a little insight as to what's been going on at Q100 and 99X the past few weeks. But bare with me 'cause it takes a little bit of history to explain.

The first week we started the Bert Show almost 7 years I told Jeff that I wanted The Bert Show to be the most listened to show in Atlanta. That has always been my goal.

When we started the show 7 years ago we were on a 3,000 watt radio station. Being the most listened to show in Atlanta couldn't happen with 3,000 watts. The top stations have 50,000 or 100,000 watts. So Q100 petitioned the FCC and we got upgraded to 12,000 watts. Four times as many as where we started. But still our signal didn't reach far enough OTP to really be able to ever be number one.

I've always been frustrated by this. Why compete if you CAN'T win? And while morning radio is fun it is about getting the highest ratings and winning. Imagine being a race car driver knowing that the car you were driving in every week could never cross the finish line first.

I'm a workaholic. I know most of you think that The Bert Show must be done working when we get off the air at 10am. But I can honestly tell you that I can't think of the last time I stopped working before 5pm. On what? That's another blog for another time. But I can tell you that it's taken a lot of sacrifice by everybody on the Bert Show to achieve the ratings that we have. I've sacrificed time with my family. My social life has suffered. This job doesn't allow you to sleep very well and you never quite feel 100%.

So many at Q100 have made the same kind of sacrifice that I have made for this radio station. Maybe even more so. I feel like the entire staff has earned and deserves to be on a signal that can reach its optimal potential. We have that now on 99.7 because it's 100,000 watts.

I'm bummed that some aren't here to take the next step together. My former Program Director, Dylan, didn't have his contract renewed. Those decisions are made WAY above my head. But that dude was so passionate about Q100 that I really wish he could have been at Q100 to enjoy the success of something that he worked so hard on every day.

It DOES suck that 99x isn't on the signal anymore. That station defined Atlanta radio for a long time. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went in to making that station a part of Atlanta's fabric. Leslie Fram practically built the damn thing with her own hands. People grew up with that station and its part of your youth. I grew up listening to a station in San Diego called 91x that was very similar. If I woke up and THAT station wasn't on the air anymore I'd be pissed!

But this is a business. It's about making money. 99x's ratings have declined and they weren't making as much money for the mother ship: Cumulus. Cumulus feels like they made the proper moves to fix 99x and couldn't. They also have confidence that the Bert Show and Q100 is ready to reach it's potential.

It has been a mixed bag of emotions in the building over the past week. Q100 employees are happy but reserved to be on the new signal. Watching 99x employees leave the building permanently has been awful.

Yes. I want to be on a bigger signal. If I'm going to put in 13 hour days I want to know that I have a chance of being the best. Did I want that signal to be 99x? NO. Quite honestly, I really thought that Cumulus would buy Star 94 and they'd put the Bert Show on that 100,000 signal.

I think that covers it. I'm really stoked. I'm really excited for the Bert Show. I'm really excited for our production guys, our promotions people, our sales people, our management and I'm happy for the people that work behind the scenes that I see from time to time but don't know even know their names. But, at the same time, I'm also being respectful of the same kind of energy that 99x employees have put in to make that station an Atlanta icon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Melissa Tries to Enjoy The Slide

I know when we used to throw baby powder in the dorm halls at U.T. to go sock surfing I could always stop and go in my room. Not having solid ground to stand on was a sport. I suppose when we get older and focus on the risk of falling down it's no longer fun.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

In Vino Veritas!

In Vino Veritas... meaning In Wine Truth or literally translated... Truth In Wine. Here are a few tidbits I found that support my love of wine... enjoy! 
- For women, wine has been discovered to lower the risk of ovarian cancer, promote stronger bones, and decrease the risk of getting a stroke.
- For men, wine has been seen to decrease the risk of cardiac arrest for men with hypertension. 
- The skin of red grapes have been found to have certain anti-aging properties that can also be obtained through red wine.  
- White wine contains certain anti-oxidants that have been observed to improve the function of the lungs. 
- Wine drinking has been discovered to reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease among adults.   
- Senior-aged individuals who have been regular wine drinkers were seen to have blood vessels that are healthier than those who are not. 
- Drinking wine has been seen to reduce certain types of gastrointestinal bacteria, the top cause of ulcer. 
- Polyphenols, a substance also found in the skin of red grapes was discovered to clean arteries of stroke causing clots.
The studies shown here were conducted on people who had prolonged but moderate wine consumption. Most researchers have seen the benefits of wine amongst people who drink one or two glasses everyday. 
* Shared from associatedcontent.com; "Top Health Benefits of Wine Give You More Reasons To Drink," by Joseph Baylon, published 2007. 
Cheers, Jenn

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can You See The Signs?

Ever feel like you're on the outlook for a sign? Just something to reassure you that you are headed in the right direction or making the right decision? I know I do. And I feel that when you open yourself up to finding them, they appear right before your eyes. They are found in the kitschy-gifty-book you randomly thumb through. It shouts a message so loud, you just can't miss it. The headstone moniker in the cemetery somehow sends a message from above. The feather that lands at your feet, the song played at her funeral that pops up on your favorite TV show, the homily written and delivered passionately just for you, the black and white kittens who wander on your porch steps; all signs. I am trying not to dismiss the signs from the friend's story-telling that transforms into unintended guidance or the poignant song lyrics that remind us, we are not alone... all of them are signs, only if we are ready to see and hear them. Or only if we are brave enough to believe. Still looking for more signs in this new year... :) Jenn

Melissa Is One Of Just Two Votes

It's an Election year, and there will be plenty of analysts and media outlets in 2008 trying to speculate on who the next President of the United States will be. But what about an average voter? What does she or he REALLY think about what's happening? That's what Just Two Votes is - Melissa and Katie Jo's debate on the candidates and issues as the year moves forward, with each revealing who they vote for come November 4th!

Check it out HERE.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bert Talks About Massey's Departure

Jamie Massey has left the Bert Show and Q100.  You'll hear her very soon on another morning show in town as a co-host.  I know this is going to sound like PCBS but the truth is I'm really, really happy for her.

So, now she'll be co-hosting on a four member morning show.  It's a step up for her.  She'll be on the mic every day.

Let's take out the fact that it's a radio job.  If you're a manager and somebody on your team is hired for a better position at a competing business you have to take some pride in that.  Somebody thought so much of the work she was doing in your office, under your tutelage, that they decided they wanted some of that same "magic" in their office.

There's no shame in that at all.

Massey sacrificed a lot of personal relationships for the good of the Bert Show.  She talked so intimately about her relationships it scared a lot of guys off.  She was brave to talk so openly about her personal life.  We're really going to miss that.

This all sounds so ooey, gooey politically correct.  I wish I had some kind of interesting, truthful insight.  But I don't.  I guess I'm always a little nervous of any change on the show 'cause the ratings and on air chemistry have been so good.  But the truth is that I'm embracing change now more than I used to.  And I get excited by the possibility of training somebody new.

I'm talking to potential replacements already.  I should have some news for you guys within a few weeks.

L Word Premiere Party

Those are L Word stars Rachel Shelley (Helena) and Rose Rollins (Tasha) showing me some love.
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Melissa Gets Hooked On Jon & Kate

I blame Mama Jo for this one.

So during Christmas vacation my family and my girlfriend's family merged for a holiday gathering, when Mama Jo (Katie's Mom) thought she was innocently creating casual holiday conversation by asking, "Does anyone watch Jon & Kate Plus 8?"

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