Monday, April 28, 2008

Reasons why I'm having a hard time speaking my mind:

So I get this email today when I get into work:

The way you read the traffic in the morning is sorta the way the girl talks that wants to be Paris's friend, you read one word at a time, you sound like a 12 year old girl-trying so hard to do the traffic-I turn the radio when you do traffic cause I can't stand to hear you read it so slowly-Sorry, but when I heard you comment on the girls voice this morning-I thought I had to tell you-that you sound the same, Sorry for being so hard, but I would rather have redicolous Crash back doing the traffic."

If you had a chance to listen this morning, I spoke my mind about what I thought about Jessica (the girl who wants to be Paris's best friend for the new MTV reality show). I said her voice sounded fake and she took forever to finish a sentence. That's what most people who called up this morning said too. But to get such a hateful e-mail about it makes me just want to stay mute. I wish I had this huge thick skin, but sometimes it bothers me. I've had a pretty good day so far, and then it's like a buzz kill when I read it. I just wish people knew that I have feelings too. I'm human. I'm still trying to find my spot on the morning show and in life in general. I finally get "guts" to say what I'm thinking and it backfires. I guess 'don't dish it unless you can take it.'

Thick skin here I come.

<3 Wendy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen.....What's His Name

Over the weekend I got a new kitty.  He's a full-bred Siamese kitten who has yet been named.

The decision to get another animal began about the time my dog, Toby, got sick.  I have a Siamese/Tabby mix, named Akima, who was big buddies with Toby and I was concerned about how she would handle his passing.  But since Katie Jo had just gotten a new dog, Akima wasn't entirely alone.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bert Talks About Hoss

I know it's not possible for you guys to listen to every minute of the show. Yes, we've addressed where Hoss is a whole bunch of times on the show. But he'll be really happy to know that a lot of you guys miss him.

Here's the deal. And it's pretty simple. Hoss transferred over to the Promotions Department. He's still at Q100. Just not on the Bert Show.

Q) Will Hoss be back on the Bert Show
A) I sure hope he checks in from time to time.

Q) Has Hoss had sex with his virgin girlfriend yet
A) I don't know. But I do know that Jeff DID have sex with her last week

Q) Did he get fired because of the Press Pass situation at Georgia Tech
A) No

Q) Who will replace Hoss?
A) I don't know yet. We're searching for just the right person. And we're taking our time. We're looking for someone that can answer phones, handle all the technical stuff behind the scenes, a small detail person and someone that can go out and do stunts for us. It's a tough order. Maybe it'll take more than one person. I really don't know. The search continues.

Melissa Gets Called To Jury Duty

I was called to jury duty.

But no court room was involved, since I had the pleasure of serving on a jury for the Atlanta Film Festival this year!

This is the first year the Festival is presenting the Pink Peach Award, which recognizes the best in LGBT filmmaking, and it was my duty last week to watch the nominated films and give my opinion on which one should receive this inaugural award.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bert Sees Disturbing Video

As the parent of a child I just watched one of the disturbing videos I have ever seen. It's five or six high school girls beating another girl unconscious. The details are in the story. I want you to be warned that the images are really, really disturbing. I found myself getting enraged as I watched it. I kept thinking what I would do if this was my son in the video. If you can stomach it here is the story and the video:

My wife and I have had this debate. She wants to teach our 5 ½ year old that there is never a time when things should resort to a physical fight.

In all honesty, I don't agree. I can tell you that as a guy that grew up under sized you get picked on a lot when new kids don't know you. If you don't know how to handle yourself verbally and physically you can get swallowed up, abused or ostracized.

So I want to teach him that, as a last resort, you have to be ready to physically stick up for yourself. My kid is as sensitive as I've ever seen a child. There are already times when he's getting bullied out of playing with a toy. And I rarely see him stick up for himself. He knows how to share. But there are times when some kids will take things from him without his permission. And he doesn't stand up for himself. I get worried about this. I get worried that my kid can end up like the victim in this video. She never even tried to fight back. Even though it would have been useless 'cause this was truly a pack mentality. So as a parent, how are you handling this with your kids?