Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bert and Stacey's Phone

I always thought I was pretty secure in my marriage. My wife has never given me any reason to think she is even capable of an affair. But from time to time I find myself picking up her cell and checking the sent and received texts. I'm embarrassed about it. In fact, if the roles were reversed I'd be really upset. I have ZERO reason to distrust my wife. I'm pretty surprised and confused by my insecurity.

Monday, October 29, 2007


In 2005, Jessica and I went to Savannah for Halloween. The following story is true, and happened during our visit. I told it on the air right after our visit, and a replay is requested each Halloween. I think we are replaying it this year, on Wednesday.

Jessica and I arrived in Savannah about 4 p.m. on Friday. We checked into our hotel and lounged around for a couple of hours. We had dinner reservations at 8:30, and while Jessica was getting dressed, I went down to the hotel lobby to work on the computer. The only proper desk in the lobby was the concierge desk, and it was vacant. I took a seat and started tapping away on my laptop. A few minutes later, a woman came up to me, and thinking I worked for the hotel, asked me if I would be willing to recommend her husband's Savannah ghost tours. I explained to her that I wasn't the concierge, but in turn asked her if her husband had any availability for late that evening. She set Jessica and I up for a tour after our dinner ...


Sunday, October 28, 2007


I just got back from a visit to NY to see the 'rents. Some pics are online at JeffDauler.com. Enjoy ...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Melissa's Toby

It's been difficult to write this blog, since documenting the event would make it real. But it is indeed real, and my constant companion of 12 years is now running free in far greener and bigger back yards than Sandy Springs.

I got home around 3pm on October 17th to find my Golden Retriever lying in a seemingly casual position on the living room floor. But seeing his blonde frame a little too close to a chair for comfort and his mouth partially open, I realized something was wrong.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Jenn: The more I learn, the less I know

This concept is becoming clearer to me in just the last couple of days. A few randoms...
To begin, I just read Jeff's blog and for the first time realized that the video game everyone on the planet is addicted to right now is spelled "Wii" and not "Wee."
Next, I learned from friends that adopting a baby is a simultaneously slow and fast process. You wait, wait, wait and then in an instant, you are parents.
I would like to learn and apply this quote I read today to my life: "Having a plan is not necessarily a good idea." - Napoleon
No matter how loud I play the music, I can't drown out my thoughts.
The more I think I know myself, the less certain I am of who that is. It's refreshing, exciting even and yet unstable, frightening.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

From Jeff: A few random things ...

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Melissa.....A Mother?

I won't have it as good as my parents. But I will do my best to achieve a big chunk of it.

Ideally children are meant to do better and have more than their parents. My parents were married for 50-years, had 3 children, and built the home I grew up in. And, once retired, they were able to live debt-free.

As a gay woman, my path isn't as smooth in regards to life's goals like marriage and children.

This came to mind after I shared with The Bert Show my decision to freeze my eggs. It was last Friday when I had my consultation with the fertility doctor about my choices. It's not that I plan on being a mother any time soon, but I want to be able to still have the choice to be a natural mother when the time comes. As a kidney transplant recipient, and a woman in my late-30's, I didn't want to take for granted that I - or my eggs - will be at optimum health in a few years if my girlfriend and I decide to start a family.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back to high school

So prom is this weekend, yes, it is a second chance prom, but I do feel like I have been whisked right back to the high school days. Preparations for prom (first or second) are exactly the same. What to wear, who to go with, where to eat dinner, who is going to sit next to whom, will we dance together, etc. And then the same high school insecurites creep up too! Here are a few of the conversations going on in my head right now. "How is my dress going to look compared to the other girls? I mean, I like the dress I have planned to wear. But it's short, I bet all the other girls are going to wear long dresses. I wonder if I will feel out of place. Maybe it's too short. I wonder if I will get any dirty looks. Plus if I wear my heels, am I going to be taller than my date in all the pictures? So what, I like those heels. But maybe I should go looking for another dress, a long flowing one. But really, who cares if I look different? I probably don't have time anyway, between the nails and hair appointment in the next two days. Wait, but I care! It is PROM!!" Seriously, I need to get a grip. High school or not, prom stresses me out, puts me back inside my 17 year old mind and make me worry all over again what my friends will think. So do we ever grow up? Apparently the answer for me is simply, no.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Melissa Attempts To Save Halloween

I may have learned it from my mother, Millie Pete, first. And then it was reinforced by my first educational experience - Granny Gayle's Pre-School. That lesson? Halloween is in October, Thanksgiving is in November, and Christmas is in December. You trick-or-treat for one, make a decorative hand turkey for another, and leave out cookies and milk for Santa at the end of the season.

But as I've grown older retailers seemed to start placing their Christmas products out on shelves and aisles earlier and earlier, to the point I see Christmas decorations as early as August!
This has inspired me to start the CAMPAIGN TO SAVE HALLOWEEN!

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From Bert

Isn't it rare that you can actually get peace of mind about a stressful decision you've made? Are you ever quite sure you made the right decision? After I posted my blog about struggling with the decision to give up our two dogs I got this email from the family that ended up adopting them. I can't tell you the sense of relief I got when received this.

My name is (omitted) and I am writing you about Dude and Bodie. I understand that a few people have gotten in touch with you letting you know that the dogs are OK. My family has adopted Dude and Bodie and they are doing TERRIFIC!! Jason called and told me about them and our lives haven't been the same since. I was so honored that Jason thought of us when he talked to you. I hesitated getting in touch with you because I wasn't sure if it would be too painful for you. After reading your blog, it is very obvious that you love these dogs very much and that you agonized over this decision. You are not selfish because you put the dogs needs ahead of your own wants.

Dude and Bodie are doing great. Here's a little info on our family. My husband, (omit) and I are both 38. We have two boys as you do…..(omit) is 12 and (omit) is 9. We also have a 2 year old English Springer Spaniel, who was ready for a playmate, but surprised to get TWO!! I am a stay at home mom and the dogs are right with me pretty much all day. They love taking rides to pick up the boys after school. My boys are both involved in travel soccer so we are on the go just about every evening. Dude and Bodie have been to the soccer fields with us (when it is not too hot). They bark at the other dogs (it is a very dog friendly field) and as you can imagine, they draw all sorts of attention. They love to take walks in the neighborhood and again the attention. They get along great with (dog's name omitted). Dude and Casey will run around all morning. Bodie will, too, but he takes breaks!! He will get a burst of energy and then lay down under the fan on the patio. I ha ve a rope that all three can tug on and they drag each other across the yard. The boys are having a blast with them. The dogs are loving all of the attention and are exhausted at the end of the day. The way that Bodie starts snoring about a second after closing his eyes, and the way that Dude sleeps with his tongue hanging out are just a couple of ways they have stolen our hearts. My husband has always wanted a bulldog. He is a former Marine (who served in the first Gulf War) and their mascot is the bulldog. He loves their attitude and their ugly (but cute) faces. We certainly did not think we would ever get a bulldog (or two) this way, but we have definitely embraced the opportunity.

Sorry if I rambled, but I want you to be at peace with your decision. I would love to send you a picture of all of us so you can see for yourself that they are OK. I can assure you that we always love and take care of these dogs. They are full of spunk and personality and are so special.

We live about 10 minutes from Jason (
puppychase.com ) in Loganville right off Highway 78. If you are ever out this way or passing by, we would love to meet you in person.

Take care.