Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bert Tries New Sleeping Tool

It would appear as though the tough part is over. I've been Lunestaless since last Wednesday night and I'm not going back. I haven't been sleeping perfectly. But I have been getting about 5 ½-6 hours of sleep a night. Not completely restless. But way better than early last week. I'm so done with those pills. I can't believe I ever let them get a hold of me the way that they did.

A few weeks ago a friend suggested the freakiest thing I've ever heard for better sleep. It's called The Earthpulse BioMagnetic Field Supplementation machine. I'm a pretty open-minded dude but this machine is way out there. But I'm willing to try it.

Here's the description off their web site:
EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is the most potent sleep, rejuvenation and performance enhancement technology ever discovered. PERIOD, or money back.

Here's the web site: There's some seriously freaky things going on at this site. But, hey, I'm willing to try this. Here's the description of this device:

In 2001 we stumbled upon a way to "tune" - down the neurological system into the deepest, most reparative sleep we'd ever achieved; while protecting the neurological system from the effects of constant ELF and radio frequency electromagnetic pollution (stress). Without deep sleep the body's cells can't fully recover from normal wear and tear, let alone heal its diseases or injuries. No other electromagnetic device in the world is designed for nighttime use, while you sleep. Its design allows for local application throughout the night as well as to work on stubborn issues.Think of EarthPulse™ as a tempo controller for your neurological and physiological system. Slowing down the rhythm results in deeper sleep and far better recovery.


EarthPulse™ provides a reliable method of utilizing sequences of very-weak magnetic fields, broadcast through your mattress, at frequencies that nature used to provide, to help lull you into deep and recuperative sleep (while supplementing a full range of geomagnetic 'vitamins' for improved health and vitality).

There's a 90 day money back guarantee on this thing. So if I don't get better sleep I have nothing to lose. But my friend swears it's done wonders for her.

Wish me luck.

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